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product marketing 

product marketing 

Augmented Reality based product demonstration solution is a perfect combination of digital and physical. When a product purchase decision depends upon seeing the product in an environment but logistics of shipping the product are costly and time consuming, then AR is a perfect solution to help your customers make a right buying decision.

Features of AR-based product

Ethosh’s AR-based product demonstration solution augments well when combined with physical world

Features of AR-based product demonstration 

Ethosh’s AR-based product
demonstration solution augments well
when combined with physical world

Key features of Ethosh's solution

Immersion of virtual product in a physical environment

Pertinent product interactions that give the user a confidence in your product

User engagement and interaction analytics

Feedback capture and lead generation

Enterprise grade deployment, scalability, and security


Ethosh’s AR-based product demonstration solution offers you unparallel reliability, competitive differentiation and best visual quality.unparallel reliability, competitive differentiation and best visual quality.

Lowers your demo cost by more than 80% 

Accelerates sales cycle by more than 50% 

Improves customer engagement and stickiness 

Enhances brand equity 

How Ethosh delivers the solution

Ethosh  combines the technological building blocks of developing an Augmented Reality solution with our creative and storytelling minds to bring out a most memorable product experience for your customers. The basic AR-based experience takes between 8 to 12 weeks, and gets delivered as an agile, iterative process. Ethosh’s Managed Services for XR helps companies adopt VR & AR  at an enterprise level, delivering value at a significant scale and cost advantage. 

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